Heritage Road Surface

Horse Guards Parade

Client: Royal Parks
Main Contractor: Ringway Group
Location: Horse Guards Parade

The Challenge

A road leading up to the parade needed to be surfaced to accommodate the large amount of traffic that passes over it. The Parade is situated in front of the Grade II listed Horse Guards building, and the surrounding area includes St James’s Palace. The primary requirement was that any new surface must be sympathetic to the Palladian style architecture and the client specified the new surface must be red in colour. The additional challenge was supply time versus project completion – one week.

Our Solution

The aesthetics of the new surface were of utmost importance as the road is in a prestigious area. Our ULTICOLOUR chippings are made from red rock. Combined with a clear binder and the use of a red pigment to ensure the colour is as deep as possible, it provided the ideal surface for recovering the required section of road. Due to the tight delivery and installation requirement the 14mm chippings were provided pre-coated within four days.

Results and Benefits

It was not only the quality of the solution that was essential to the success of this project but also the ability to supply within a tight deadline. Both requirements were met and impressed the contractors enough to ensure continued supply.