ULTICOLOUR coloured asphalts are BBA HAPAS accredited for use on UK highways as a coloured thin surface course. Our road surfacing solutions are available as either a stone mastic asphalt (SMA), hot rolled asphalt or as coloured pre-coated chippings.


Coloured Asphalt for Demarcation

ULTICOLOUR asphalts use a clear binder and colour matched aggregates to produce bright coloured asphalts for demarcation on highways. This includes separating traffic like buses, bicycles or pedestrians, assisting with navigation and identifying specific areas like parking zones.


  • Lane demarcation
  • Bus Lanes
  • Cycle lanes
  • Taxi ranks
  • Estate roads
  • Tunnel surfacing

Long Term Durability

ULTICOLOUR SMA has been in use on road and highways in the UK for over 15 years, demonstrating impressive durability and long term performance including on heavily trafficked routes such as bus lanes.

Lower Maintenance

ULTICOLOUR uses high quality, coloured matched aggregates for and a longer lasting finish that resists surface wear and keeps its appearance for longer. This helps to reduce whole life cost for a higher return on investment.

Fast Installation

ULTICOLOUR can be laid quickly over large areas using standard paving equipment, just like a conventional asphalt. This means that work can be completed within a short timeframe and reopened to road users, increasing efficiency.

Improved Safety

Coloured asphalt surfaces play an increasingly important role in road safety, offering improved visibility in high risk or low light environments.

Accredited Contractors

ULTICOLOUR is only available for installation by accredited contractors who have full access to our expert training, advice and technical support. This ensures that the client receives an excellent finish every time.

High PSV & Skid Resisting Surfacing

A number of coloured asphalts are available with high-PSV aggregate for lasting texture in highly trafficked locations. Tarmac can also supply ULTIGRIP a durable, single layer skid resisting asphalt that available in buff or grey colours, depending on whether demarcation is required. It can be laid quickly and typically lasts three times longer than alternative anti-skid surfaces.

Our coloured asphalts are used to enhance safety in high risk areas including pedestrian crossings and where there are changes of direction involving high lateral forces.



ULTICOLOUR is available from dedicated plants, strategically located throughout the UK, to give us exceptional national coverage.

Tarmac operate six regional offices, offering local customer service throughout the UK.

Tarmac have a team of experienced Technical Product Support Managers who can provide advice on specific site requirements and offer valuable technical support.

To organise an appointment, email: tpsmmailbox@tarmac.com

Region Name Phone Number
North Megan Thompson 07483 931 759
Midlands Andrew Hodgkinson 0748 333 7888
South West/South Wales Matthew Parry 07483 936 883
South East Roger Eke 0748 334 0655