Horsham Housing Development

Highwood, Horsham, West Sussex

Client: Berkley Homes
Surfacing Contractor: Drivepoint
Location: Highwood, Horsham, West Sussex
Completion: April 2018

The Challenge

Berkley Homes required a visually appealing surface for a new estate road on their prestigious housing development at Highwood in Horsham. The new surface would need to help attract potential home buyers and complement the classic design and fine detailing of the houses in this development. It would also need to blend with the setting that adjoined the natural green space of Boldings Brook. The surface would be used daily by residents to access their homes. It would need to be durable, maintenance free and able to resist the abrasive forces of vehicles manoeuvring with power steering.

Our Solution

ULTICOLOUR was chosen for the surface in a Buff Quartzite colour with 10mm aggregate. ULTICOLOUR is a range of coloured asphalts that use a high-performance clear binder along with colour matched aggregates and pigments. This offers far brighter and more varied colours than conventional coloured asphalts. ULTICOLOUR asphalts also deliver proven durability, having been used in the UK for over 20 years. They are only available for installation by accredited contractors who have full access to Tarmac’s training, advice and technical support. To ensure the best possible surface finish, Tarmac also offer a dedicated ULTICOLOUR paver for accredited contractors to hire. The paver is used purely for the installation of buff and natural shades, eliminating any risk of colour contamination for the best possible finish.

Results and Benefits

As planned, 52 tonnes of 10mm Buff Quartzite was supplied to the site and laid with the ULTICOLOUR paver. Work was completed in less than four hours, well within the allocated programme time. This meant minimal disruption on the site for the house builder and associated trades. Drivepoint, the nominated surfacing contractor, received training and accreditation before work started, so they were able to achieve a highquality finish. Using ULTICOLOUR in a buff colour offered a classic appearance, with minimal future maintenance requirement. The client was delighted with the finish and the fast, efficient way that the work was completed.